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On May 3rd, 2024, Ján Uličiansky, best known for his fairytales, passed away at the age of 68.

New in English

Balla's Among the Ruins, translated by David Short, published by Jantar Publishing

New in English

Ján Rozner's Seven Days to the Funeral, translated by Julia and Peter Sherwood, published by Karolinum Press

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New Translations

front cover of Balla – Among the Ruins

Among the Ruins

by Balla

translated by

David Short

front cover of Jan Rozner – Seven Days to the Funeral

Seven Days to the Funeral

by Ján Rozner

translated by

Julia and Peter Sherwood

front cover of Pavol Rankov – On the Other Hand

On the Other Hand

by Pavol Rankov

translated by

Magdalena Mullek

front cover of Zuska Kepplova – The Moon in Foil

The Moon in Foil

by Zuska Kepplová

translated by

Magdalena Mullek

© Mullek and Sherwood