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New in English

Marek Vadas’s The Healer, translated by Julia and Peter Sherwood, published by Seagull Books

“From Stage to Page” in

An Interview with Zuzana Cigánová by Magdalena Mullek

Kathryn Murphy reviews Balla’s

“Antic, angry, tricksy stories of nothing from ‘the Slovak Kafka’”


Rudolf Dobiáš’s A Long Night’s Stories, translated
by Heather Trebatická and John Minahane, now published
by Mount Orleans Press

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New Translations

front cover of Marek Vadas – The Healer

The Healer

by Marek Vadas

translated by

Julia and Peter Sherwood

front cover of Zuzana Ciganova – Vanity Unfair

Vanity Unfair

by Zuzana Cigánová

translated by

Magdalena Mullek

front cover of Irena Brezna – The Thankless Foreigner

The Thankless Foreigner

by Irena Brežná

translated by

Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp

front cover of Janko Kral – I Was Not Born for Quiet

I Was Not Born

for Quiet

by Janko Kráľ

translated by

John Minahane

© Mullek and Sherwood