Jana Bodnárová

photo of Jana Bodnarova by Michaela Elias

photo by Michaela Eliáš

Jana Bodnárová (1950) is an award-winning writer, poet, playwright, and art historian. She worked in monument preservation in Prešov for more than ten years and wrote extensively about contemporary art, and since the beginning of the 1990s she has devoted herself to writing. In addition to publishing books of prose, poetry, works for children, radio plays, and screenplays for television, she has also created and presented video performances both in domestic galleries and on experimental theater stages abroad. Her poetry and books for children have been translated into many languages.

Available in English

front cover of Jana Bodnarova – Necklace Choker


translated by

Jonathan Gresty

front cover of Jana Bodnarova – The Tree Which Came From Afar

The Tree Which Came

From Afar

translated by

Jonathan Gresty

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