Mila Haugová

photo of Mila Haugova by Peter Stanley Prochazka

photo by Peter Stanley Procházka

Mila Haugová (1942) is a Slovak poet, essayist, and translator, author of more than twenty volumes of poetry, spanning almost forty years. Born in Hungary, she moved to Czechoslovakia with her family after the war. She is also highly regarded as a translator, and has translated the poetry of, among others, Sylvia Plath, Anne Saxton, Ingeborg Bachmann, Georg Trakl, Paul Celan, Else Lasker-Schuler, and with F. Kuwahara, the old Japanese poetry of Manjoshu. Her poetry captures everyday events, tragic moments, love relationships and their fragility, as well as break-ups. Her poetic style is a mixture of the rational, intuitive, and instinctive.

Available in English

front cover of Mila Haugova – Scent of the Unseen

Scent of the Unseen

translated by

James and Viera Sutherland-Smith

front cover of Mila Haugova – Eternal Traffic

Eternal Traffic

translated by

James Sutherland-Smith

front cover of Six Slovak Poets

featuring poems

by Mila Haugová

translated by

John Minahane

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