front cover of Marek Vadas - The Escape

The Escape

translated by Magdalena Mullek


48 pages, hardcover

ISBN 978-80-89921-18-8

The Escape by Marek Vadas tells the story of a small boy and his dog Alan as they undertake a fantastic journey through towns, countries, and continents, encountering friendship as well as rejection along the way. The inhabitants of the various places personify character traits such as prejudice, xenophobia, and indifference to the fate of others. This adventure story also offers a glimpse into the world of people for whom journeys across vast distances are a necessity of life, a particularly timely topic when the migration of refugees is at the forefront of public discourse. The combination of Marek Vadas’ imaginative text and Daniela Olejníková’s stunning illustrations is a window into seemingly distant and exotic countries and their inhabitants, who, as it turns out, are much closer to us than we think.

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