Michal Hvorecký

photo of Michal Hvorecky by Nora and Jakub

photo by Nora and Jakub

Michal Hvorecký (1976) is a writer, journalist, and translator who works at the Goethe Institute in Bratislava. He studied aesthetics at the University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra. In 1998 he made his literary debut with the book Silný pocit čistoty (A Strong Sense of Cleanliness), and since then he has written a number of successful collections of short stories and novels. His book Trol (Troll, 2017) was published in several languages, and in Germany it became one of the book events of 2018. His works have been translated into German, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Serbian, Italian, and English. Michal Hvorecký is also a regular commentator of current events; writes about Slovakia for German newspapers and magazines; and was the first host of LIT_CAST Slowakei, a podcast about Slovak literature in German, which is available via the Literary Information Center website.

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front cover of Michal Hvorecky – Danube The Magic River


The Magic River

translated by

Julia and Peter Sherwood

front cover of Michal Hvorecky – Bratislava The Magic Metropolis


The Magic Metropolis

translated by

Julia and Peter Sherwood

front cover of Into the Spotlight

featuring the short story

“The First Victory of Superstores”

translated by

Magdalena Mullek

front cover of Review of Contemporary Fiction

featuring an excerpt

from The Escort

translated by

Clarice Cloutier

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