The Magic Metropolis

translated by Julia and Peter Sherwood


28 pages, hardcover

ISBN 978-80-972993-4-7

Bratislava The Magic Metropolis, is a declaration of love for a city from a writer for whom Slovakia’s capital provides not just a place of residence but, first and foremost, a key theme of his writing. Michal Hvorecký and illustrator Simona Čechová take us on a lively guided tour both in space and in time.  Along with the book's young heroine, a girl called Alma, her grandpa, cousin Damián and a pet hedgehog, young readers are invited to hop on an imaginary metro line and visit the coronation city of Hungarian kings, a mysterious quarter in the Castle District that no longer exists, as well as the living, pulsating metropolis that is Bratislava today.

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